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Sustainable investing

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Sustainable Investing

We believe in making socially responsible investing a central part of all portfolios. This allows you to achieve your financial goals while using your money to influence positive change. 

Evergreen Advice is Certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia (RIAA)

Company RIAA


For information on the certification process, see our article on this topic here.  


Sustainable Investing_exclude

Exclude harmful industries including controversial weapons, nuclear weapons, civilian firearms, and tobacco. While diversification is important, there are certain industries which are detrimental to society and we do not want to support them.

Sustainable Investing_reduce

Reduce carbon emissions: measure the carbon intensity of companies and reduce or remove exposure to companies that have a high environmental impact, in particular with respect to carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Investing_engage

Engage with companies to effect change by using our voting rights. Take a proactive role in encouraging companies to act responsibly and give a greater consideration during the voting process to the social and environmental impact that individual initiatives may have.

Sustainable Investing_Invest

Invest in companies with best-in-class environmental and social scores. Environmental considerations include factors that affect nature, such as waste and pollution, resource depletion, greenhouse gas emission, deforestation, and climate change. Social considerations include factors that affect people, such as working conditions, human rights issues, and community impacts. 

Shades of Green: Our portfolios

There are many different types of responsible investing. Here is how our offering fits within the responsible investing spectrum.

 Ethical Investing Shades of Green

Sustainable Portfolio

The core portfolio characteristics are described above and include:

  • Exclude harmful industries
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Invest in the best
  • Engage with companies 


We offer the Deep Green portfolio for people who want to go further. It includes all of the characteristics from our Sustainable portfolio while investing more in solutions and impact-type investments.

Green Satellite 

Clients have the option to invest a portion of their portfolio towards sustainable themes (like renewable energy or green property) or impact funds (that target both a financial return as well as an environmental and social impact). 

Gift Trust

Evergreen Advice partners with The Gift Trust to offer our clients a unique way to donate more efficiently and effectively to charitable organisations. It's like having a private foundation, but without the admin hassle or costs. 


Green Line 

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Green Line


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