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Ethical investing 

Invest for a better future

Certified ethical investing specialists

Ethical investing is constantly evolving. At Evergreen Advice, we're at the forefront, providing investment solutions grounded in the latest research. We believe in making responsible investing a central part of all portfolios. This allows you to achieve your financial goals while ensuring your money isn't going towards damaging industries.

Investing ethically can align your money with your values, manage risk, or both. We demystify ethical investing to give you clarity on where your money is invested and tailor your portfolio to your specific preferences.


Certified by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia 

RIAA Certified

Mindful Money 'Best Ethical Investment Adviser' finalist

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Our approach to ethical investing

We believe in making responsible investing a core part of all portfolios. Our portfolios emphasise environmental and social responsibility while upholding the cornerstones of successful investing: cost-efficiency and diversification. This allows you to achieve your financial goals without harming the planet.

Sustainable Investing_Invest

Invest in companies with the best environmental and social practices. Environmental considerations include factors affecting nature, such as waste, pollution, resource depletion, greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. Social considerations include factors affecting people, such as working conditions, human rights issues and community impacts.

Sustainable Investing_exclude

Exclude harmful industries. We avoid investing in certain industries, including controversial weapons, companies cited for human rights violations, civilian firearms and tobacco, to name a few. While diversification is important, there are certain industries that are detrimental to society and we don’t want to support them.

Sustainable Investing_reduce

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We measure the carbon intensity of companies and reduce or remove exposure to companies with a high environmental impact, particularly those that produce a high level of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Investing_engage

Engage with companies to create change. We work with our fund managers to take a proactive role in encouraging companies to act responsibly and give greater consideration to the social and environmental impact their company may have – through Board decisions and during shareholder voting at Annual General Meetings.

Our strategies are designed to cover a range of responsible investment preferences

How our portfolios at Evergreen Advice fit within the responsible investing framework. 

Sustainable investment spectrum.png

Evergreen Advice Deep Green Portfolio

Portfolios for people who want to invest in solutions and influence change. 

This portfolio invests more heavily in leading sustainable businesses and companies delivering solutions in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We select fund managers who have a genuine commitment to ethical investment and business practices.




Download deep green ethical scorecard

Learn more about ethical investing

We regularly write articles to take the mystery out of ethical investing.


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