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With all the complexity and volatility of today’s financial markets, you may be unsure if your current investment strategy is appropriate. We offer a free second opinion on your self or adviser managed portfolio so you can feel confident in your finances.

If your strategy is in good shape, we will tell you that or we may list areas of concern and key issues we have identified. Some investors will gain useful insights while others may find that they would benefit from working with Evergreen Advice going forward. Either way, there is no future obligation.

Who we help

We help individuals, families, trusts and charities who want support managing their investments and achieving their goals. Whether you are a retiree, professional, business owner or investor migrant, we are here to work with you.


Clients come to us for many unique reasons but it usually boils down to "Will I have enough?". Enough might mean the freedom to work less or retire early, being able to contribute to charitable causes, more family time, or travelling the globe. No matter what your "enough" looks like, we’ll help you plan for what matters most.


We provide unique financial planning, portfolio management and KiwiSaver advice that is designed to get you to your best life. We believe in making socially responsible investing a core part of all portfolios. There are many reasons you might be interested in socially responsible investing: whether it is to align your investments with your values or as a way to manage investment risk. Either way, we work with you to ensure your investments are right for your circumstances and beliefs.

Clients come to us for many unique reasons but it usually boils down to "Will I have enough?"

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