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Who we help


We help individuals, families, trusts, US citizens in New Zealand and charities who want support managing their investments and achieving their goals.

What our customers say

I like that they give independent, fee only advice (rather than get commissions on products). They did a great job of working out my situation, what I wanted, and were very clear about their fees. I am very happy with the final advise I received. My situation is complicated because I am both a US and NZ citizen. They dealt well with that. For anyone who is both a US expat in NZ and also interested in ethical investing they are well worth considering.


- Frances

Mike Ross is a very clever man who is a great financial advisor. He has helped me enormously by bringing all my different investments under one roof and has provided excellent advice that is well researched and informative. I highly recommend him to everyone.


- Hilary

Chelsea Traver has been my financial advisor for around three years, and I cannot speak highly enough of her. She kept me informed regularly, when the market was a bit rocky. You will be in very safe hands if you decide to invest with Evergreen.


- Sandra

Mike has been providing expert research into finding investment options that meet our values of a kinder humanity and a healthier planet while meeting our financial goals. My wife and I are US tax residents and have appreciated the extra miles of service Mike has provided given our specific circumstances. This all helps us feel empowered that we are investing wisely for ourselves, and for a brighter future for generations to come.


- Glynn

100% recommend having a chat with Chelsea, very knowledgeable, she understood my needs, clearly communicated my options and came up with a great plan. I didn't know where to start and she made it so easy. Thank you Chelsea :)


- Stevie

Meeting with Evergreen Advice was the best decision I could’ve made. I’m early on in my financial journey and was pretty overwhelmed by the right course of action. Chelsea made things easy to understand, took the time to fully understand my goals and made a plan that works for me. Had I seen anyone else, I don’t think I would’ve been as comfortable asking all the questions I did. I now feel organised and excited about my financial future.


- Chloe

Very satisfied with Chelsea's ability to deliver the advice I was after. She listened well and challenged me where appropriate. Highly recommend!


- Daniel

Individuals, Families & Trusts

We help people with a variety of financial issues such as:

  • Should I invest, pay off my mortgage or purchase a rental property?
  • Is my Kiwisaver with the right provider and fund?
  • What can I afford? Can I travel? Give to family? Donate?
  • When can I retire? Or reduce my work commitments?
  • How much income can I get in retirement?

People come to us for many unique reasons, but it usually boils down to "Will I have enough"? ‘Enough’ might mean the freedom to work less or retire early, being able to contribute to charitable causes, more family time, or travel the globe. Whatever your question we can provide a plan and support to put it into action. 



We work with charities to help them realise the potential of the charity's investments and align their money with their values. We help them ensure a long-term stable income from their investments.

 Find out more about Making the most of your charity's investments


US citizens in NZ

Chelsea is from the United States and helps other US citizens based in Aotearoa New Zealand manage their finances and tax obligations.

The tax situation for US citizens overseas is complex. Many people end up facing significant complications and a hefty tax bill.

We work with our US clients to structure and manage their investments in a tax-efficient and compliant manner, to address both New Zealand and US tax complexities. We ensure other key financial aspects of their lives are working, in conjunction with accountants and lawyers.


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No matter what your ‘enough’ looks like, we’ll help you plan for what matters most.

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