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Sustainable investing
23 Feb 2022

NZ needs to move fast to put the ‘S’ into ESG

In the past Social issues have been on the back burner relative to Environmental concerns, but it doesn’t have to be one or the other. This article by Brent Wilson is a clear call for social issues to be taken more seriously in New Zealand, “not just for people, but for our export-oriented economy.”

Some of our favourite quotes from the article include: 

"While we might be doing a reasonable job of ticking off the “E” and the “G” components of ESG, we’ve largely ignored the “S” - and the social impacts of business and state activity. We’ve overlooked our people."

"People are, by definition, at the very heart of human rights. And human rights are increasingly seen as fundamental to the wider sustainability debate. It seems while governments globally are legislating more in this area, New Zealand has to date missed a trick and put its team of five million at risk of exploitation, corruption and abuse."


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